1. The following information pertains only to Paylessbid.com, and is not related to any similar websites

2. Bidding on Paylessbid.com is intended only for those aged 18 and up.

3. All prices, transactions and payments on Paylessbid.com are in USD currency.

4. A bidder may place unlimited bids (as many as are possible) as long as the entrance fee is paid on each individual bid.

5. The winning offer will be the highest unique bid on an item.  If more than one person places a bid on a specific dollar amount (ex. 89.99), all bids on that amount will be dissolved, and future bids on that amount will be permitted but subsequently dissolved.

6. Items will be new and delivered in original packaging with manufactory warranties when permissible.  Paylessbid.com is an intermediary and is not responsible for any damaged or defunct/unworkable items.  If an item is damaged or defunct, the supplier and/or delivery companies are responsible.

7. Please allow 10 or more business days from auction close for delivery time.

8. All user information on Paylessbid.com will be kept confidential and not given to third parties, unless any such information is necessary for shipping.  All information supplied to Paylessbid.com is over a Secure Server Line (SSL), promising privacy of information for all users.

9. Providing false or misleading information is a violation. Violators may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties. Paylessbid.com has the right to restrict or block users in the event they supply illegal information or attempt wrongful representation or identity.

10. In the event of a dispute; the user is limited to a refund of the paid entrance fee; and a winner of an item is limited to a refund of the entrance fee and the winning bid amount.

11. In the event of a lawsuit, jurisdiction will be in New York State, where Paylessbid.com operates.

12. There will be no employee/owner or ‘insider’ bidding on Paylessbid.com.

13. In the event of technical and/or problems outside the control of Paylessbid.com (i.e. ‘Acts of God’), Paylessbid.com is not liable and has the right to stop auctions and will subsequently refund all entrance fees.

14. Once a bid is placed, the bidder has agreed to have read the rules and regulations and promises to abide by them.

15. In the event auction time has expired but the minimum number of bidders has not been reached, Paylessbid.com has the right to extend auction time.

16. Paylessbid.com has the right to extend an auction until there is a winner when all bid amounts are dissolved (multiple bids on same amount).  Bidders will be notified when the auction is extended.                           

17. Bid amounts outside the biddable range will not be accepted.

18. Auction winners will be notified by email shortly after close of auction. This notification goes to the registered emails; if a user switches email addresses it is up to them to input this information on Paylessbid.com.

19. Item will be shipped upon receipt of payment of entrance fees, bid amount and shipping fees.

20. To increase auction efficiency, bidding page will show the position/rank of bidders with their initials and city (possibly user ID) and respective bidding amount.

21. After close of auction, all bidding offers will be kept in the system of Paylessbid.com for 28 days, for resolution of future disputes.

22. Users can contact Paylessbid.com through the Product Support page. There is a 24 hour turn around time on email inquiries.

23. Paylessbid.com has the right to send emails to registered users with new product news, offers, and related information.

24. Paylessbid.com has the right to change the parameters of an auction to adhere to high standards and better enhance the auction.

25. There is one item per auction and only one winner per auction.

26. The highest unique bid amount at the end of the auction will be the winner.

27. Paylessbid.com reserves the right to amend the price of services at any time.

28. By using Paylessbid.com you are stating that you are legally an adult in your residing area and are of sound mind and responsible for your own actions.


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