PayLessBid How it works


How PayLessBid Works

How PayLessBid Works?


Users can bid on various products up to a maximum value, which is well below market price.  The highest unique bid will win the product.  What other people have bid will not be shown; but all bids on an item will be ranked in current position, showing the bidders initials and city, but not the bid amount.  All bids will incur an entrance fee, and users can make more than one bid.  Users agree to pay their bid amount if that bid wins plus shipping fees.  The winning bidder will be notified via email.  Item will be shipped upon receipt of payment of entrance fees, bid amount and shipping fees.


Tips on How to Bid Smart?

1. Click on an auction item.

2. Click on ‘Make an Offer’ and place a bid.

3. After you make an offer, you can check what position you are in.  The auction page for the item will list the positions of the bidders with their names and city listed.  Bid amounts will not be shown.  

4. Highest UNIQUE bid wins.  If a bid amount is bid twice or more, the PayLessBid will automatically outbid the number for the all auction cycle, which means you can bid the outbid number. If you have outbids , you will see them on your personal outbid table

Example: If maximum bidding price is $99.99, and two or more people bid on $99.99, this amount is dismissed and the next highest UNIQUE bid amount will win.  

5. The idea is to make the highest unique bid amount.  The auction page shows bidders positions (but not the bid amount).  After a bid, you can see your position on the list.  This will give you a general idea where you stand, and you may keep bidding (with entry fees) to try and become first in position.  Bids are acceptable until the auction time is expired, at which time the highest unique bid will win.

6. If you are the winning bidder you will be notified shortly after auction close by email.    

7. Note:

Consecutive Number:  

You have no limitation on the amount of bids you can place per auction, however, the PayLessBid will automatically outbid personal user 4th consecutive number bid , this option was made in order to assure that users will not occupied consecutive position and let also other users the chance to win, so the auction will not be stuck. 

Q: What is 4th consecutive number?  A: 99.99, 99.98, 99.97, 99.96 

So in this case 99.96 will be consider as a consecutive number and it will be outbid only if all other positions 99.99,99.98,99.97 will be occupied by the same user, unless it won’t be outbid.