PayLessBid FAQ


How PayLessBid Works?

Please click on this link. http://www.paylessbid.com/paylessbid-how-it-works.html

Watch the video and read the written explanation below the video.



Do you have a demo area  for PayLessBid platform practice?

Yes we do have a demo, which is very recommended for new users, who want to practice the auction cycle before they start bid on real money.

click at this link to get started with the demo practice http://www.paylessbid.com/auction/demo.php or click on the demo parctice on the top links of the site. 


Forgot Password?

click on forgot password? > enter your email address you were registering with > go to your email > click on link click here > the link will forward you into the password reset page > on the 2 fields you have at the password reset page to enter your new password > click login > your password was reset > you will be forward to the sign-in page > enter your username/email address and password > you are done you are logged in.   


Can i login with my email address or the user name?

Yes, your email address is set aso as your user name in case you forgot your user name 


Can i login with my FaceBook Account details instead of the user name?

Yes you can login with your FaceBook account details to the site in case you dont remember not your user name or your password. 

If you are a new user, when you first connect to the site, PayLessBid register system will send you a verify email to verify your account, 

and then you will be automatic login with your FaceBook account without worry of relogin each time again, its very usefula nd recommanded usage. 


Are the products at the site are brand new or used items?

The products at the site are 100% brand new, and you will get your item on in its original box, with an option of exchange it at the closest store near you.  


How come the item price is away lower than the real market price?

PayLessBid is a social group shopping site, and here comes the advantage of PayLessBid with item prices. We can afford purchase item on a full price from any store and offer it for a very low price. Each auction has initial minimum number of offers to be filled in. The minimum offers cover the cost of the item market price, so we can sell it for a very low cost as you can see at the site. 


How to purchase bid credit?

  • Click on the buy credit link on the top area page.
  • Select the package you prefer from $10-500.
  • Submit your payment
  • Make sure to enter correct details in order to avoid transaction reject.

Can I register and login with my FaceBook account?

Yes. You can login and register with our FaceBook connect button, user name or by email.


Is this a social  site?

Yes. PayLessBid is a shopping social arena, which allow users connected with their  Facebook account. So u also can save the register phase by using your FaceBook account. You can see participate bidders on live. Adding more features soon.


How many users can I open?

You can open one user only per one credit card number. We take a severe fraud caution in order to avoid auction problems. User that will create few accounts with the same credit card will be automatically ban from PayLessBid system. We do recommend to have one user only per one person.


I submit a payment, how long will it take to the transaction be approval?

Usually transaction are approvable automatically, in some cases we do call phone user verification. Please make sure to submit correct personal information at the payment page.


Who is PayLessBid billing support department?

PayLessBid billing support is powered by CCBill, for any question regard your transaction, visit CCBill support, or use the phone/email below:

Phone: 1-877-374-0182 
Email: ccbillsupport@ccbill.com 
Available 365 days a year 24/7 


What is it outbid?

Outbid can be accrued in 2 cases only:

1. The same bid number was bidden more than one time; in this case the number will be outbid for the all auction time cycle. 

      Bidding twice or more than twice can be done by the same user or by few users. 

2. When a user bid more than 3 consecutive numbers of bids.


What is it live auction?

Live Auction is an auction that waits for initial minimum number of offer to be filled in order to let the auction move to its next phase which is Ending Soon Auction.


What is it ending soon auction?

Ending Soon Auction is when the auction is about to be closed within 24HR, the timer will start to work and you can see when it will be end. You still can place your bid at this auction phase.


What is it consecutive number rule at PayLessBid?

You have no limitation on the amount of bids you can place per auction, however, the PayLessBid system will automatically outbid personal user 4th consecutive number bid , this option was made in order to assure that users will not occupied consecutive position and let also other users the chance to win, so the auction will not be stuck.


What is 4th consecutive number:

99.99, 99.98, 99.97, 99.96 

So in this case 99.96 will be consider as a consecutive number and it will be outbid only if all other positions 99.99,99.98,99.97 will be occupied by the same user, unless it won’t be outbid.


How to avoid from outbid?

Check your outbid table and check the live bidder table, this will help you to figure out the numbers that were have already been bidden, however, there is no magic method for outbid avoiding, except be very concentrated at the predicting numbers that were already been bided.


What is it Max Price?

Max price is the max number you can bid on the item.


What is it Offer Cost?

Offer Cost is the price for your bid on the item.


How to use the bidding tool?

1. Check your bid credit state

Before you start bidding, please check you have enough bid credit on your bid credit balance. 

2. Bidding

In case you do have enough bid credit on your balance, you enter a number that is lower than the max price on different of $0.01 so for example, if the max price is $15.00 you will place bidding from $14.99-0.01. 

3. Number of offers

On the bidding tool you can place up to 10 bids each time toward up or down. 

4. Bidding Spreading

You can bid up to 10 bids each time with a spread of 1-10 cents between each bid. PayLessbid experts recommend on bidding with spread of 2 cent and up, the reason is that you want to avoid outbid by bidding on more than 3 consecutive numbers.

5. No limit of bids number

You don’t have limitation on the numbers of bids you can place each on an item.


How do I get product support?

Visit the product support page to send a support email. Email turn around time is 24 hours.


How many days will take to the item or the gift card be delivered?

Delivery item takes 14-21 business days.