About PayLessBid.

Welcome to PayLessBid, the hottest auction arena in the world. PayLessbid allow you bid and win hot products such iPad, iPhone,

laptops, cash dibit gift card, xBox  HDTV and other hot items low as up to 99% from the real market price. 

The items are brand new items and are shipped to the customer by regualr mail.

The winner at the auction will recieve the item by mail.

PayLessBid is a special auction arena, which let its users to win the hottest items on a very low cost.

Users can bid on various products up to a maximum value, which is well below market price.  

The highest unique bid will win the product.  What other people have bid will not be shown; 

but all bids on an item will be ranked in current position, showing the bidders initials and location, but not the bid amount.  

All bids will incur an entrance fee, and users can make more than one bid.  

Users agree to pay their bid amount if that bid wins plus shipping fees.  

The winning bidder will be notified via email.  

Item will be shipped upon receipt of payment of entrance fees, bid amount and shipping fees.

Once the auction is closed the winner will be announced and his winning bid will be published at the item page.